SERVICE: Headquarters Relocation

LOCATION: Vintners’ Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, EC4V 3BJ

Founded in 2003, Preqin Ltd has grown to be the alternative assets industry’s leading source of data and intelligence. Operating around the world with dedicated teams of multilingual analysts providing data and intelligence from offices in New York, London, Singapore, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

In late 2014 the London offices Preqin were facing up to the challenges of moving 150 staff from two operating locations to one central and larger location in Vintners’ Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, EC4V 3BJ.

Having had a bad experience on a previous office move, where the move company had arrived late to begin the move and with depleted staff due to sickness; the Preqin team headed up by HR Manager Lynn Robinson, were understandably nervous about working with a new move company on such an important and time critical relocation. Especially as the London offices role was to provide support to their offices in New York, San Francisco and Singapore.

Through their extensive knowledge and experience of major global organisations office relocations, EXACT were able to provide a detailed proposal for the move and drew this comment from Lynn Robinson;

“EXACT Moves set out a very detailed proposal providing confidence in showing that they had checked every item and understood the extent of our furniture and all the assets to be moved. EXACT Moves were very careful to contact us regularly to make sure that we had the confidence that the move was scheduled to go ahead as planned.”
Lynn Robinson, PREQIN

EXACT Moves were soon to show how their experience and adaptability would prove invaluable, as the original dates specified for the move by Preqin coincided with the Lord Mayors Show and all the access roads to the new premises in Upper Thames Street would be closed. Using all their over 50 years move management experience, the EXACT Move Team rearranged the move dates to suit the clients deadlines and to also ensure the original move programme, which was highly time critical due to the nature of Preqin’s business, was maintained.

“EXACT Moves were excellent in providing pre-move customer service, providing us with the confidence that we were going to be able to complete the move during the specified time. This allowed us to concentrate on other aspects of the move.”
Lynn Robinson, PREQIN

The first phase of the move started on 13th November 2014 with the specialist audit and decommissioning of all IT equipment, including the main server and their safe handling and packing. All confidential filing, office furniture, the personal effects of 150 staff, office materials and general business assets were also safely packed into crates by the end of Friday 14th November.

“On the weekend of the move the removal staff were courteous and efficient and overcame obstacles such as having an unforeseen longer and more difficult entry to the building. Once in the office, the floor ports for desks were not aligned to plan correctly. Removal staff helped by placing the desks as close to the plan as possible while making suggestions for adjustments that allowed us to fit in to the space.

We would definitely recommend EXACT Moves and would use them again.” Lynn Robinson, PREQIN

The core phase of the move took place over the weekend of the 15th November 2014, with the concise schedule requiring that all aspects of the relocation be complete and the new London office be ‘up and running’ before the Monday morning 17th November.

With a truly flexible approach and an inherent belief that our experience and expertise makes us make better decisions, we were able with a strong working partnership with PREQIN, to develop and deliver a successful business move resulting in all of their staff being ‘ready to work’ on their return to their new offices.

Services provided:

  • Project Management
  • File packing and unpacking
  • IT Re-commission desktop computers and printers
  • Crate hire
  • Pre and post move packing assistance