Crates are not just ideal for removals, when entire filing systems need to be kept in sequence. They have many other applications and, because they nest when empty and stack when full, they are space efficient as well as robust. EXACT MOVES recognise that our clients require three other things when hiring crates – they must be clean, cost effective and controlled.

EXACT MOVES provide crates in a range of different sizes and for different purposes.

Our crates can be delivered whenever you want them and distributed around buildings and to individuals. Naturally, if you need to retain crates on a long term basis we can quote special rates.

EXACT Crate Hire Services:
> Metre Crates
> Personal Packing Crates
> Computer Crates
> Computer Cages
> Library Trolleys
> Security Crate Seals
> Numerical Confidential Seals
> Sackbarrows

Crate hire

always be exact!